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Slogans are a memorable motto, or phrase used in political, commercial, religious and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. Urdang and Robbins (1984: 18) define that a slogan is a group of words that promise a reward in a dramatic way which is easy to read, easy to say, and easy to remember.

Slogans are used to illustrate a product and the languages of a slogan represent the particular product. Advertisers always choose attractive words although the words are not familiar for the customers. It is often encountered when people are reading a slogan in an advertisement.

  • a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
  • a motto associated with a political party or movement or other group.
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    Credit Repair Slogans
    Credit Suisse Bank Slogans
    Cricket Slogans
    Crime Prevention Slogans
    Cross Country Slogans
    Crossfit Slogans
    Cruise Slogans
    Cute Slogans
    Cutty Sark Slogans
    Cyber Monday Slogans
    Dairy Farm Slogans
    Dairy Queen Slogans
    Dasani Slogans
    Daycare Slogans
    Delivery Service Slogans
    Dell Slogans
    Delta Airlines Slogans
    Dental Slogans
    Depression Slogans
    Deutsche Bank Slogans
    Dewars Slogans
    Dexia Bank Slogans
    Diabetes Slogans
    Diet Coke Slogans
    Diwali Slogans
    Dj Slogans
    Doctor Slogans
    Dodge Slogans
    Dog Slogans
    Domestic Abuse Slogans
    Dominos Slogans
    Dos Equis Mexican Beer Slogans
    Double Diamond Beer Slogans
    Doublemint Slogans
    Dr Pepper Slogans
    Drag Racing Slogans
    Drunk Driving Slogans
    Dry Cleaning Slogans
    Earth Beat Slogans
    Easter Slogans
    Eastern Airlines Slogans
    Education Slogans
    Election Slogans
    Electrical Safety Slogans
    Element Slogans
    Energy Drink Slogans
    Engineering Slogans
    Evian Slogans
    Family Reunion Slogans
    Family Slogans
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    Farewell Slogans
    Farming Slogans
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    Fathers Day Slogans
    Feminist Slogans
    Fetzer Vineyards Slogans
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    Filemaker Database Slogans
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    Finca Flichman Slogans
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    Firefighter Slogans
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    Fluorine Slogans
    Folgers Slogans
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    Food Safety Slogans
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    Foster Care Slogans
    Fosters Slogans
    Fraternity Slogans
    Freedom Slogans
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    Funny Slogans
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    Gay Lgbt Slogans
    Gender Equality Slogans
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    Gilbeys Special Dry Gin Slogan
    Glenfiddich Slogans
    Go Fast Slogans
    Gold Slogans
    Golf Slogans
    Gordons Slogans
    Graduation Slogans
    Greene King Ipa Beer Slogans
    Hair Salon Slogans
    Halloween Slogans
    Hand Safety Slogans
    Handyman Slogans
    Hanukkah Slogans
    Happy Hour Slogans
    Hardees Slogans
    Harley Davidson Slogans
    Hbos Slogans
    Health Slogans
    Healthy Eating Slogans
    Heineken Beer Slogans
    Hendricks Slogans
    Hennessy Slogans
    Hershey Slogans
    Hiking Slogans
    Hippie Slogans
    Hockey Slogans
    Holiday Slogans
    Home Care Slogans
    Home Improvement Slogans
    Homecoming Campaign Slogans
    Homeless Slogans
    Honda Cars Slogans
    Honest Slogans
    Honesty Slogans
    Hospital Slogans
    Hot Sauce Slogans
    Housekeeping Slogans
    Hp Slogans
    Human Rights Slogans
    Hunger Slogans
    Hunting Slogans
    Hvac Slogans
    Hydrogen Slogans
    Hyundai Slogans
    Iberia Airlines Slogans
    Ibm Slogans
    Ice Cream Slogans
    Ice Skating Slogans
    Illegal Immigration Slogans
    Income Tax Slogans
    India Independence Day Slogans
    Innovative Slogans
    Interior Design Slogans
    Internet Safety Slogans
    Irish Slogans
    Iron Slogans
    Jaguar Slogans
    Jameson Slogans
    Jeep Slogans
    Jetblue Airways Slogans
    Jewelry Slogans
    Johnnie Walker Slogans
    Junk Removal Slogans
    Kahlua Slogans
    Keep Calm Slogans
    Kelloggs Slogans
    Kfc Slogans
    Kia Slogans
    Kindness Slogans
    Kit Kat Slogans
    Kokanee Glacier Beer Slogans
    Korunni Slogans
    Kronenbourg 1664 Slogans
    Krypton Slogans
    Lab Safety Slogans
    Labatt Blue Slogans
    Labor Day Slogans
    Labor Union Slogans
    Lacrosse Slogans
    Landscaping Slogans
    Law Firm Slogans
    Lawn Care Slogans
    Leadership Slogans
    Lemonade Slogans
    Lifeguard Slogans
    Light Bulb Slogans
    Lincoln Cars Slogans
    Lipstick Slogans
    Lipton Slogans
    Lithium Slogans
    Lloyds Tsb Slogans
    Locker Room Slogans
    Lojong Slogans
    Love Slogans
    Lucky Charms Slogans
    Luxury Slogans
    Mardi Gras Slogans
    Maserati Slogans
    Massage Slogans
    Math Slogans
    Maxwell House Slogans
    Mcdonalds Slogans
    Memorial Day Slogans
    Mental Health Slogans
    Mentos Slogans
    Mercedes Benz Slogans
    Microsoft Slogans
    Midland Bank Slogans
    Military Slogans
    Milk Slogans
    Miller Beer Slogans
    Mitsubishi Slogans
    Molson Slogans
    Money Slogans
    Mothers Day Slogan
    Motivational Slogans
    Motorcycle Slogans
    Motorola Slogans
    Mountain Dew Slogans
    Music Slogans
    Nail Salon Slogans
    Namaqua Slogans
    National Airlines Slogans
    National Safety Day Slogans
    Natural Disasters Slogans
    Natwest Bank Slogans
    Nazi Slogans
    Nec Slogans
    Nerdy Slogans
    Nescafe Slogans
    Nestles Slogans
    New England Colonies Slogans
    New Year Slogans
    Newcastle Brown Ale Slogans
    Newspaper Slogans
    Nfl Slogans
    Nickel Slogans
    Nissan Slogans
    Nitrogen Slogans
    Noise Pollution Slogans
    Nursing Slogans
    Ocean Spray Slogans
    Oil Pipeline Slogans
    Old Milwaukee Beer Slogans
    Olympic Slogans
    Opal Fruits Slogans
    Oracle Software Slogans
    Organic Face Wash Slogans
    Oxygen Slogans
    Painting Slogans
    Pan American World Airways Slogans
    Party Slogans
    Patriotic Slogans
    Pepsi Slogans
    Perfume Slogans
    Personal Trainer Slogans
    Pest Control Slogans
    Pet Grooming Slogans
    Pet Sitters Slogans
    Pet Slogans
    Pet Store Slogans
    Peta Slogans
    Peugeot Slogans
    Pg Tips Slogans
    Pharmacy Slogans
    Photography Slogans
    Physical Therapy Slogans
    Ping Pong Slogans
    Pirates Slogans
    Pizza Hut Slogans
    Pizza Slogans Examples
    Pizzeria Slogans
    Plant Safety Slogans
    Plumbing Slogans
    Plymouth Slogans
    Police Slogans
    Pollution Slogans
    Pontiac Slogans
    Popular Advertising Slogans For Business
    Positive Campaign Slogans
    Pressure Washing Slogans
    Pro Gmo Slogans
    Prom Slogans
    Protest Slogans
    Public Relations Slogans
    Racing Slogans
    Radio Slogans
    Rain Slogans
    Rain Water Harvesting Slogans
    Rap Slogans
    Ray Ban Slogans
    Reading Slogans
    Real Estate Slogans
    Realtor Slogans
    Recruiting Slogans
    Recycling Slogans
    Red Ribbon Week Slogans
    Redwood Creek Slogans
    Relay For Life Slogans
    Remy Martin Slogans
    Restaurant And Fast Food Slogans
    Retirement Slogans
    Rhyming Slogans
    Robot Slogans
    Roofing Slogans
    Rugby Slogans
    Running Slogans
    Ryanair Slogans
    Saab Cars Slogans
    Safety Slogans
    Sanka Slogans
    Santa Margherita Slogans
    Santa Rita Slogans
    Sap Business Software Slogans
    Sapporo Beer Slogans
    Saturn Cars Slogans
    Sauza Tequila Slogans
    Save Animals And Wildlife Conservation Slogans
    Save Earth Slogans In English
    Save Electricity Slogans
    Saving Money Slogans
    Schaefer Slogans
    Schweppes Slogans
    Science For The People Slogans
    Science Slogans
    Seafood Slogans
    Seat Belt Slogans
    Secretary Campaign Slogans
    Security Slogans
    Senior Class Of 2017 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2018 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2019 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2020 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2021 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2022 Slogans For Shirts
    Shampoo Slogans
    Shoe Slogans
    Shopping Mall Slogans
    Short Slogans On Global Warming
    Short Slogans On Peace
    Siebel Systems Slogans
    Silver Slogans
    Skateboarding Slogans
    Ski Slogans
    Skin Cancer Slogans
    Skoda Slogans
    Sleep Slogans
    Slogan On Save Water
    Slogans On Environment Protection
    Slogans On Save Trees
    Slogans On Water Pollution
    Smirnoff Slogans
    Snickers Slogans
    Snow Removal Slogans
    Snowboarding Slogans
    Soap Slogans
    Soccer Slogans
    Social Media Slogans
    Socialist Slogans
    Soda Slogans
    Sodium Slogans
    Softball Slogans
    Solar Power Slogans
    Sorority Slogans
    Soup Slogans
    Southwest Airlines Slogans
    Spa Slogans
    Spring Slogans
    Sprite Slogans
    St Patricks Day Slogans
    St Pauli Girl Slogans
    Starbucks Slogans
    Stella Artois Slogans
    Stop Animal Abuse And Animal Cruelty Slogans
    Stress Slogans
    Subaru Slogans
    Subway Slogans
    Success Slogans
    Suffragette Slogans
    Sugar Act Slogans
    Sulfur Slogans
    Summer Slogans
    Super Bowl Slogans
    Surfing Slogans
    Sutter Home Winery Slogans
    Swimming Slogans
    Taco Bell Slogans
    Tanning Salon Slogans
    Tapal Tea Slogans
    Tattoo Slogans
    Tchibo Slogans
    Teacher Slogans
    Teachers Day Slogans
    Technology Slogans
    Tennis Slogans
    Tetley Slogans
    Thanksgiving Slogans
    The Macallan Slogans
    The Royal Bank Of Scotland Slogans
    Thums Up Slogans
    Time Slogans
    Titanium Slogans
    Toshiba Slogans
    Toyota Slogans
    Track Slogans
    Trans World Airlines Slogans
    Transport Slogans
    Travel Slogans
    Tree Service Slogans
    Tropicana Slogans
    Trucking Slogans
    Tv Slogans
    Twix Slogans
    Typhoo Slogans
    Underage Drinking Slogans
    United Airlines Slogans
    Unity Slogans
    Uranium Slogans
    V8 Slogans
    Vacation Slogans
    Valentines Day Slogans
    Vaping Slogans
    Vegetarian Slogans
    Veterans Day Slogans
    Virgin Atlantic Airways
    Vittoria Slogans
    Volkswagen Slogans
    Volleyball Slogans
    Volunteer Slogans
    Volvic Slogans
    Volvo Slogans
    Washing Machine Slogans
    Watch Slogans
    Web Design Slogans
    Wedding Slogans
    Weed And Marijuana Slogans
    Weight Lifting Slogans
    Weight Loss Slogans
    Wellness Slogans
    Wendys Slogans
    Wild Turkey Bourbon Slogans
    Wine Market Council Of California Slogans
    Wine Slogans
    Winning Slogans
    Winter Slogans
    Women Empowerment Slogans
    Wood Working Slogans
    Woodbridge Winery Slogans
    Work Slogans
    Workplace Safety Slogans
    World Cancer Day Slogans
    World Ozone Day Slogans
    Worst Slogans
    Wrestling Slogans
    Wyborowa Slogans
    Yearbook Slogans
    Yoga Slogans
    Yorkshire Tea Slogans
    Yuban Slogans

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