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Welcome, this website is a guide to the world's best slogans.

Slogans are a memorable motto, or phrase used in political, commercial, religious and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose. Urdang and Robbins (1984: 18) define that a slogan is a group of words that promise a reward in a dramatic way which is easy to read, easy to say, and easy to remember.

Slogans are used to illustrate a product and the languages of a slogan represent the particular product. Advertisers always choose attractive words although the words are not familiar for the customers. It is often encountered when people are reading a slogan in an advertisement.

  • a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
  • a motto associated with a political party or movement or other group.
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    Catchy Anti Alcohol Abuse Slogans
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    Cheerleading Slogans
    Chlorine Slogans
    Chocolate Slogans
    Christmas Slogans
    Cinco De Mayo Slogans
    Class President Slogans
    Class Representative Slogans
    Cleanliness Slogans
    Coffee Slogans
    Commercial Slogans
    Copper Slogans
    Credit Card Slogans
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    Cross Country Slogans
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    Doctor Slogans
    Dog Slogans
    Drag Racing Slogans
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    Easter Slogans
    Element Slogans
    Engineering Slogans
    Family Reunion Slogans
    Family Slogans
    Farming Slogans
    Fathers Day Slogans
    Feminist Slogans
    Field Hockey Slogans
    Fight Against Breast Cancer Slogans
    Fire Safety Slogans
    Fishing Slogans
    Fluorine Slogans
    Food Drive Slogans
    Food Safety Slogans
    Football Slogans
    Foster Care Slogans
    Freedom Slogans
    Funny Slogans
    Gay Lgbt Slogans
    Gold Slogans
    Golf Slogans
    Graduation Slogans
    Hand Safety Slogans
    Handyman Slogans
    Health Slogans
    Healthy Eating Slogans
    Hiking Slogans
    Hockey Slogans
    Holiday Slogans
    Honest Slogans
    Honesty Slogans
    Housekeeping Slogans
    Hunger Slogans
    Hunting Slogans
    Hydrogen Slogans
    Ice Skating Slogans
    Internet Safety Slogans
    Irish Slogans
    Iron Slogans
    Krypton Slogans
    Lab Safety Slogans
    Lacrosse Slogans
    Landscaping Slogans
    Law Firm Slogans
    Leadership Slogans
    Lemonade Slogans
    Locker Room Slogans
    Love Slogans
    Memorial Day Slogans
    Milk Slogans
    Mothers Day Slogans
    Motorcycle Slogans
    Nitrogen Slogans
    Noise Pollution Slogans
    Nursing Slogans
    Oil Pipeline Slogans
    Oxygen Slogans
    Party Slogans
    Pet Slogans
    Photography Slogans
    Ping Pong Slogans
    Pizza Slogans Examples
    Plumbing Slogans
    Pollution Slogans
    Popular Advertising Slogans For Business
    Pro Gmo Slogans
    Protest Slogans
    Rain Water Harvesting Slogans
    Realtor Slogans
    Recycling Slogans
    Red Ribbon Week Slogans
    Relay For Life Slogans
    Restaurant And Fast Food Slogans
    Retirement Slogans
    Rhyming Slogans
    Robot Slogans
    Rugby Slogans
    Running Slogans
    Safety Slogans
    Save Animals And Wildlife Conservation Slogans
    Save Earth Slogans In English
    Save Electricity Slogans
    Science Slogans
    Security Slogans
    Senior Class Of 2017 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2018 Slogans For Shirts
    Senior Class Of 2019 Slogans For Shirts
    Short Slogans On Global Warming
    Short Slogans On Peace
    Silver Slogans
    Skateboarding Slogans
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    Slogan On Save Water
    Slogans On Environment Protection
    Slogans On Save Trees
    Slogans On Water Pollution
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    Softball Slogans
    Spring Slogans
    St Patricks Day Slogans
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    Sulfur Slogans
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    Thanksgiving Slogans
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    Vegetarian Slogans
    Volleyball Slogans
    Wedding Slogans
    Weight Loss Slogans
    Winter Slogans
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    World Ozone Day Slogans
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