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881 Culinary classics, classically Naples.

Ridgway Bar & Grill in Naples, Florida
Bar And Grill Slogans 
882 First class fish & chips.

George's Tradition, fish and chip restaurant chain, UK
Fish And Chips Slogans 
883 A class above. Guaranteed.

Tutoring Club, education centers for students
Tutoring Slogans 
884 World class. Face to face.

Washington State University
University Slogans 
885 You talk. We listen.

The Mortgage Shop in Northern Ireland
Mortgage Slogans 
886 High class for the budget traveller.

Upper Deck Guesthouse in Sechelt
Hostel Slogans 
887 Committed to world class service.

San Diego International Airport
Airport Slogans 

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