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241 Change your view.

Dollond & Aitchison, chain of retail opticians in the United Kingdom
Optician Slogans 
243 Retrofit your body. Change your life.

Retrofit Pilates, classes for individuals and groups in Toronto
Pilates Slogans 
244 Notice the change in your dog.

Muttamorphosis, dog trainers in Newcastle
Dog Training Slogans 
245 New Statesman. Expand your mind, change your world.

New Statesman, a British political magazine
Magazine Slogans 
247 Developing leaders in a time of relentless change.

Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
Business School Slogans 
248 Designs for social change.

Uptown Studios, visual communications firm in Sacramento
Graphic Design Slogans 
249 Old fashioned quality in an age of change.

The Village Coffee House in Gullane, Scotland
Coffee Shop Slogans 
250 Change your life - become an attorney!

The University of West Los Angeles School Of Law
Law School Slogans 
251 Generating change. Transforming lives.

Vigo County Public Library
Library Slogans 
252 World changers shaped here.

Southern Methodist University
University Slogans 
253 And change the way you live.

Mortgages Direct, broker in Ireland
Mortgage Slogans 

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