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83 Redefining service for your customers.

Finger Lakes Business Service, call center & live answering servicesExec-u-sist, call center, answering and virtual assistant services
Call Center Slogans 
85 Rediscover the joy of camping.

Don Laine Campground
Camping Slogans 
94 Redefining disposable.

gDiapers, brand of hybrid diapers
Diaper Slogans 
96 Highly REDommended.

RED Driving School
Driving School Slogans 
97 You... redefined.

Centra Medical Group
Plastic Surgery Slogans 
99 Porter-Cable. Redefining performance.

Porter-Cable professional power tools and accessories
Tool Slogans 
100 Dremel Stylus. Precision redefined.

Dremel Stylus Lithium Ion rotary tool
Tool Slogans 

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