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Interesting Facts
Lacrosse is a unique combination of speed, skill, agility, grace, teamwork, finesse, and historical significance. Here are some facts about Lacrosse:
  • Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet.
  • Lacrosse is currently the fastest growing sport in the United States.
  • Native Americans are the ones who invented the game, yet the details about how it was played originally remains a mystery.
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    Lacrosse Slogans

    Sport of Lacrosse

    Youth players from coast to coast are cradling sticks for the first time and discovering a passion that lasts a lifetime. Lacrosse has many similarities to both basketball and hockey. Simply put, the lacrosse team that ends the game with the most goals wins. A game clock dictates the length of the game, and scoring goals is the sole determiner of who wins and who loses.

    Lacrosse is a very athletic and active game. It provides good exercise and competitiveness. There is a lot of running in Lacrosse and speed and endurance are great assets to the Lacrosse player. The sport's nickname is "The fastest game on two feet". Lacrosse has become popular with high schools, colleges, and has had some success as a professional sport.

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    What Lacrosse Means To You
    Quotes about the game of Lacrosse
    Random quotes about the game of Lacrosse:

    • "You can play lacrosse all over the world provided you know where the goalposts are." -Peter Greenaway
    • "I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church." -Robin Williams
    • "When you talk about lacrosse, you talk about the lifeblood of the Six Nations. The game is ingrained into our culture and our system and our lives." -Oren Lyons
    • "It's a family; lacrosse is not like any other sport, it's more of a way of life." -Adam Gardner
    • "Lacrosse goals are attained not by strength but by perseverance." -Felicity Luckey

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