September's top edible mug slogan ideas. edible mug phrases, taglines & sayings with picture examples.
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Edible Mug Slogan Ideas

Edible Mug Slogans: The Sweetest Way to Get Your Message Across

Edible mug slogans are a new twist on traditional promotional items. These edible mugs are made of chocolate or other sweet treats and are imprinted with catchy slogans or logos. Not only do they provide a unique way to promote a brand or message, but they also offer a tasty treat that consumers can enjoy. One effective example of an edible mug slogan is "Take a break with a chocolate shake". This slogan is simple and clever, playing off the popular phrase "take a break" and combining it with the product's offering of a chocolate shake. Another memorable slogan is "Dunk me, drink me, eat me", which encourages consumers to interact with the product in multiple ways. What makes these slogans memorable and effective is their ability to stick in the minds of consumers long after they've finished the treat. By pairing a clever phrase with a delicious snack, the consumer is more likely to remember the brand or message associated with it. In a world where traditional marketing methods are becoming increasingly saturated, edible mug slogans offer a unique and engaging way to get your message across. So why not sweeten up your next promotional campaign with a delicious and memorable treat?

1. "Make your coffee break edible!"

2. "Drink it up, eat it too!"

3. "Mug, meet your mouth."

4. "Coffee and cookies in one go!"

5. "Mug life made delicious."

6. "No more break time dilemma!"

7. "One sip, one bite, double delight!"

8. "Sip, munch, repeat!"

9. "Satisfy your cravings with every sip."

10. "Dump the waste, devour the mug!"

11. "Edible mugs like never before."

12. "Indulge in your daily routine."

13. "Unleash your sweet side, sip by sip."

14. "Coffee break just got sweeter."

15. "Think outside the mug!"

16. "The best way to have your coffee and eat it too."

17. "Mug up on snacks!"

18. "Bite by bite, sip by sip."

19. "Cookie time any time!"

20. "Combining coffee and dessert."

21. "Satisfy your sweet tooth and coffee cravings together."

22. "The perfect combination under one roof."

23. "Coffee with a side of yumm."

24. "Good to the last bite. And sip."

25. "One mug, endless possibilities."

26. "Coffee and cookies never tasted so good!"

27. "Pick up the pace or slow down, the mug waits!"

28. "Edible mugs, a real treat for coffee lovers."

29. "Eliminate waste, indulge in taste."

30. "It's not just a mug, it's munchtime."

31. "Edible mugs, changing the drinking game."

32. "The mug that bites back."

33. "Keep your belly happy, and your mug empty."

34. "Sustainability and snacking, all in one."

35. "Revolutionize your coffee break experience."

36. "Bite into blissful coffee breaks."

37. "Mug bites, the future of coffee."

38. "Let your mug feed your soul."

39. "Food, drink, and a side of awesome."

40. "Coffee that gives you a boost, and a treat for your taste buds."

41. "Drink to the last drop, munch to the last bite."

42. "Mug cookies that crumble before your eyes."

43. "Start your day with a delicious blend of coffee and cookie."

44. "Life is too short for boring mugs."

45. "Breakfast, cookies, and coffee, oh my!"

46. "Your daily caffeine fix just got sweeter."

47. "Mug up and munch down."

48. "Mug time, snack time!"

49. "Coffee and cookie breaks: made better."

50. "Indulge in your coffee break like never before."

51. "The perfect snack for your coffee fix."

52. "Coffee and cookies, made to be together."

53. "Bite into a new kind of coffee break."

54. "Crave-worthy treats in every sip."

55. "Take a bite out of your coffee break."

56. "Sip, savor, snack, and repeat."

57. "Edible mugs, the tasty solution."

58. "Snack the day away while sipping on coffee."

59. "Sustainably snacking."

60. "Elevate your coffee game for good."

61. "Your morning break just got sweeter."

62. "Edible mugs, snacks you won't regret."

63. "Get munchy with it."

64. "Cookie and coffee, a perfect match."

65. "Drink and eat like a boss."

66. "Edible mugs, the best way to satisfy your cravings."

67. "Cookies and coffee: the perfect duo."

68. "One mug and you're done."

69. "Get your cookie fix with every sip."

70. "Never compromise on taste again."

71. "Edible mugs, all about convenience and yum."

72. "Coffee never tasted so good."

73. "Big things come in edible packages."

74. "Delicious coffee break offerings."

75. "Edible mugs, snacking made convenient."

76. "More snacks, less waste."

77. "Fulfilling your coffee and cookie needs."

78. "A match made in coffee heaven."

79. "Edible mugs, the new way to coffee."

80. "Sip smarter and snack harder."

81. "Coffee and cookies, a sweet escape."

82. "Edible mugs, sustainably satisfying snacking."

83. "No more waste, only deliciousness."

84. "Upgrade your snack game with every sip."

85. "Edible mugs, the future of coffee breaks."

86. "Coffee and cookie love affair."

87. "Sip on coffee and snack away without guilt."

88. "Edible mugs, convenience meets decadence."

89. "Say goodbye to boring coffee breaks."

90. "Indulge in decadent coffee and cookies."

91. "Edible mugs, coffee breaks made better."

92. "Cookies that are meant to be dunked."

93. "Quick bites and faster sips."

94. "Edible mugs, an intuitive solution."

95. "Coffee that's always accompanied by snacks."

96. "Taste it, munch it, love it."

97. "Edible mugs, environmentally ethical munching."

98. "Satisfying your sugary cravings."

99. "Brew, bite, and love."

100. "Edible mugs, something to savor till the last drop."

Edible mugs are a fun and creative way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage or snack. The key to creating a memorable and effective slogan is to keep it short, catchy, and relevant to the product. Use playful and witty language to appeal to your target audience. Incorporate words that evoke positive emotions such as satisfaction and indulgence. Use the product’s unique features as inspiration for your slogan. For example, if the mug is made of chocolate, you could use a chocolate pun or reference in your slogan. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wording, as long as it is easy to remember and easy to understand. Some new slogan ideas to consider could include "Sip, eat and be merry with Edible Mugs," "Drink and crunch your troubles away," or "A mug that’s sweet and satisfying all the time." With these tips and tricks, creating a memorable and effective edible mug slogan is within reach.

It's a great big hug in a mug.
It's a great big hug in a mug. - Batchelors Cup a Soup, instant soups

Soup Slogans 
6 The incredible edible egg. - The American Egg Board

Egg Slogans 

Edible Mug Nouns

Gather ideas using edible mug nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Edible nouns: eatable, victuals, comestible, food, victual, pabulum, nutrient
Mug nouns: sucker, patsy, fall guy, victim, mark, face, kisser, containerful, soft touch, visage, physiognomy, human face, countenance, phiz, smiler, fool, mugful, gull, chump, drinking vessel, dupe

Edible Mug Adjectives

List of edible mug adjectives to help modify your slogan.

Edible adjectives: non-poisonous, tender, nontoxic, nonpoisonous, inedible (antonym), parve, toothsome, comestible, palatable, eatable, pareve, killable, digestible

Edible Mug Verbs

Be creative and incorporate edible mug verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Mug verbs: stick up, hold up

Edible Mug Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with edible mug are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Edible: beddable, lead double, dreadable, incredible, infrared double, red double, inedible, credible, spreadable

Words that rhyme with Mug: shag rug, psychedelic drug, tarnished plant bug, may bug, debug, medicinal drug, toby jug, tanjug, ethical drug, water jug, antibacterial drug, dug, sprug, zug, bugg, giant water bug, lug, hug, krug, drug, ladybug, jug, superdrug, shrug, spark plug, sprig, prayer rug, male plug, street drug, throw rug, chug, abzug, fertility drug, pug, sweep under the rug, slug, pill bug, humbug, thug, bear hug, assassin bug, firebug, squash bug, sugg, sedative drug, lace bug, plug, hallucinogenic drug, kissing bug, true bug, cancer drug, jitterbug, soft drug, schug, designer drug, astringent drug, hard drug, earplug, bugge, sulfa drug, rug, boat bug, antidepressant drug, unplug, bunny hug, sow bug, sparking plug, smug, water bug, antibiotic drug, carpet bug, klug, bug, mealy bug, potato bug, rose bug, doug, hugg, plant bug, lightning bug, june bug, leaf bug, snug, whiskey jug, wonder drug, tug, rugg, bed bug, diuretic drug, sea slug, wall plug, scatter rug, phone plug, antidrug, wheel bug, prescription drug, telephone plug, ugh
8 Edible art. - Dots Cake Shop

Cake Shop Slogans 
9 Where even the ugliest mug gets a free refill. - The Fuzzy Duck Coffee Shop in Morehead, Kentucky

Coffee Shop Slogans 
22 The incredible, edible egg. - American Egg Board