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Movie Review Slogan Ideas

Movie Review Slogans

Movie review slogans are a great way to make a memorable impression with audience members. They can be used as a great tool to promote a film, provide an audience with a quick summary of its main points, or serve as a creative way to advertise a review. For movie reviews, slogans should be short, punchy and catchy. They should also be tied back to some of the key elements of the movie, such as its main characters, its genre or its overall thematic premise. Popular movie review slogans in the past have included "We don’t review movies, we write stories" and "Breaking the rules of movie watching". A great slogan can help a movie review break through the clutter and create maximum impact with its viewers.

1. Unscripted - Evaluating Movies Since Yesterday

2. Open Your Eyes to the Best Movies Today

3. Quality Films - Quality Reviews

4. Movie Reviews - All You Need to Know Before You Go

5. Cinematic Critic - The Name You Can Trust

6. Reviewing Movies - One Scene at a Time

7. Real Reviews - Real Movies

8. The Honest Assessment of Movies

9. Get the Lowdown On Movies

10. The Reviewer That Cares

11. See What’s Flickin’ Good

12. Grade the Movie - Not the Trailer

13. True Reviews for Discounted Tickets

14. Distinguish the Hits From the Misses

15. A Cinematic Journey of Discovery

16. Don’t Just Watch It - Read It

17. Get the Scoop Before You Buy

18. It’s Your Right - Read Before You Rent

19. Movies in Focus - Get It Right

20. When Words Judge Movies

21. Know Before You Go - Movie Reviews

22. Find the Hottest Movies Now

23. Take the Risk Out of Movies

24. Getting Closer to the Silver Screen

25. Overviews - Get an In-Depth Look

26. Quality Movies - Quality Reviews

27. Choose the Hits With Us

28. Read It Don’t See It

29. Reviews - the Insight You Need

30. Your Guide to Quality Films

31. Let Reviews Take You to the Movies

32. Get the Picture on Reviews

33. Insider’s Guide to Quality Films

34. Films at a Glance - Get Ready

35. All the Information You Need

36. The Latest Expert Reviews

37. The Final Cut - Read It First

38. The Reviewer’s Cue - Movies for You

39. An Insider’s Look at Films

40. Start with the Facts - Movies Reviews

41. Tell Tales on the Movie Reviews

42. Find the Goodies First - Read the Reviews

43. Go Beyond the Trailers - Read Reviews

44. Real Films - Real Reviews

45. Quality Films Get Quality Reviews

46. The Definitive Resource for Movie Reviews

47. Seeing Is Believing - Read the Reviews

48. Read It & Reveal It

49. Looking for a Movie? Read the Reviews

50. Get Spectacular Movies Now - With Reviews

Coming up with movie review slogans isn't difficult, but it does require you to think outside the box. Start by researching popular quality phrases and puns related to the subject matter and jotting them down. Think of ways to incorporate the title of the movie in a memorable phrase, and brainstorm words that can be combined to make a new, unique slogan. Popular keywords related to the movie review genre include rate, star, film, rating, watch and critic. Additionally, think of other phrases used in the marketing and advertising industry, such as 'critic's choice' and 'can't miss', and come up with creative combinations of your own. With a little time and effort, you could create a catchy slogan that will be sure to grab people's attention.

5 Where Movie Going is an Event - Pacific's Cinerama Dome, Hollywood

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6 Where Movie Lovers Belong - ArcLight Theatre, Hollywood

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Movie Review Nouns

Gather ideas using movie review nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Movie nouns: show, motion-picture show, picture show, film, flick, motion picture, moving picture, moving-picture show, pic, picture
Review nouns: capitulation, brushup, scrutiny, follow-up, variety, reappraisal, followup, literary criticism, accounting, proceeding, recapitulation, method of accounting, inspection, revue, variety show, recap, limited review, examination, exercise, criticism, proceedings, reexamination, review article, examination, recitation, scrutiny, practice, reassessment, assessment, periodical, appraisal, accounting system, practice session, critique, critical review, revaluation, legal proceeding, drill

Movie Review Verbs

Be creative and incorporate movie review verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Review verbs: look back, recollect, pass judgment, remember, evaluate, call up, remember, study, survey, go over, call back, retrieve, critique, think, inspect, retrospect, think back, judge, recall, refresh, analyze, reexamine, analyse, canvass, examine, canvas, brush up

Movie Review Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with movie review are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Movie: drew v, que v, u v, improve he, you v, approve he, blue v, tu ve, screw v, du v, into v, yu v, louw v, groove he, ou v, review v, due v, view v, through v, remove e, que ve, q v, groovy, poovey, roux v, do v, move he, move v, move e, du ve, prove he, revenue v, you ve

Words that rhyme with Review: tattoo, mew, breakthrough, glue, to, imbue, cue, few, gnu, flue, clue, lulu, residue, retinue, subdue, outdo, who, anew, u, vue, avenue, hitherto, ensue, eschew, yew, overview, spew, strew, accrue, ado, interview, blue, askew, slew, shrew, coo, you, zoo, overdo, crew, bamboo, q, new, shoe, queue, loo, debut, shue, skew, xu, through, undo, pursue, two, thru, due, revenue, true, adieu, goo, taboo, lieu, ingenue, hue, emu, flu, statue, purview, woo, rue, poo, que, coup, redo, tissue, chew, do, sue, stew, dew, barbecue, hew, boo, ewe, canoe, construe, vu, screw, brew, pew, rendezvous, too, guru, yahoo, renew, roux, undue, into, cuckoo, view
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