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Prison Slogan Ideas

Prison Slogans

Prison slogans have been used since the 19th century as a means of reinforcing messages and values in the prison system. Slogans such as "Crime Doesn't Pay" are widely used in the criminal justice system, intended to remind offenders that there are real consequences for their actions. They are also seen on signs, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and other forms of prison apparel. The slogans can be seen encouraging and motivating inmates to take advantage of opportunities for education, self-improvement and spiritual growth during their incarceration. While the slogans do not directly impact the rate at which inmates re-offend, they are used to remind inmates of the appropriate expectations within the prison system and to emphasize that the staff involved are there to support inmates in their rehabilitation.

1. Put Away Crime, Put Away Time

2. Beware: Behind These Walls Await Detention

3. Make Good Choices, Avoid Prison's Noises

4. Doing Time, Choosing Rhyme

5. Locking it Up, Taping it Down

6. Enter Prison, Exit a New Beginning

7. Choices Lead to Changes, Deliver us from Prisons

8. Serving Time, Serving Up Change

9. Don't Lock up Dreams, Open the Future

10. Create Bridges, Not Walls

11. Break the Cycle, Free the Soul

12. Hold Up Hope instead of Bars

13. Turn in Keys, Receive Freedom

14. Free Your Mind, Leave Behind Bars

15. Liberty is Nothing without Redemption

16. Don't be a Prisoner of Your Choices

17. Change Your Habits, Don't Lose Your Freedom

18. Shut Out Crime, Shed New Light

19. Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom

20. Reclaim the Future, Don't Embrace Prisons

21. Choose Change, Don't Remain in Chains

22. Invest in Change Instead of Cells

23. Lead and Keep The Peace, Stop the Cells of Society

24. Make Better Choices for a Better Future

25. Don't let Prisons Steal Your Potential

26. Unlock Possibilities, Not Cells

27. Mistakes Shouldn't Cost You Your Freedom

28. Perseverance Pays, Even Behind Bars

29. Fate Can Change in a Prison Break

30. Out of Jail, in to Life

31. Dare To Succeed, Not be Confined

32. Choose Wisely, Unshackle the Prison

33. Words Not Bars, Set You Free

34. Break Away From The Norm, Not the Law

35. Keep Away From Cells, and Find the Path of Freedom

36. Looking Ahead, Not Behind Bars

37. Your Voice is Your Power, Not Your Penalty

38. Rewrite Your Story, Not Your Cell's Bars

39. Don't Pierce the Sky, Unlock Your Mind

40. Don't Box In Your Dreams, Leave The Cells Behind

41. Climb Out, Not In

42. Safety For All, Not Prisons Awaiting

43. Control Time, Don't Waste it in Prisons

44. Leave the Lockups, Look For Purpose

45. Nothing is Impossible, Even While Owned by Prisons

46. Let Go of the Lock, Hold Onto Hope

47. Theft of Freedom is Not Right, Speak Out for a Change

48. Prisons Crumble, New Horizons Await

49. Stop the Suffering, Don't Heat up Prisons

50. Choose Abolishment, Not Imprisonment

Coming up with a great Prison slogan can be both entertaining and challenging. It's important to brainstorm ideas carefully with thoughtful words, phrases, and catchy versions of relevant keywords. Start by researching some of the most famous Prison slogans out there as inspiration. Think about what makes a slogan effective – brevity, relevance, and memorability – and keep these elements in mind as you come up with words and phrases to focus on strength, justice, safety, rehabilitation, and prevention. Don’t forget to focus on core prison values such as the rule of law, fairness, and integrity. Finally, test out and refine your slogans by asking friends, family, or colleagues for their honest feedback.

Prison Nouns

Gather ideas using prison nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Prison nouns: prison house, state of affairs, prison house, situation, correctional institution

Prison Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with prison are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Prison: dizon, liz in, risen, fizz in, kisan, imprison, tis in, chandeliers in, whiz in, arisen, biz in, ms in, giza in, newly arisen, krizan, his in, commision, is in, quiz in