March's top record label slogan ideas. record label phrases, taglines & sayings with picture examples.
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Record Label Slogan Ideas

Record Label Slogans

Record label slogans, also known as catch-phrases, are phrases used to market music and draw attention to an artist or recording. They often provide the listener with an emotional connection to the music, suggesting a strong and powerful message. The slogan allows the record label to stand out from the competition, creating an identity that is unique and instantly recognizable. It should contain memorable language that allows the listener to easily remember the slogan and apply it to their own musical tastes. Popular record label slogans include EMI's "The Sound of the Universe", Columbia's "Music Matters", and Atlantic's "You Hear Us Everywhere".

1. Our Sounds are Unstoppable

2. Hear the Quality in Our Recordings

3. Let the Groove Lead You

4. Music Meets Masterpieces

5. Unleash Your Artist Within

6. Brand New Beats on the Block

7. Perfect Pitch Perfection

8. Crafting Music Magic

9. Tune Into Our World

10. Get Into the Groove with Our Recordings

11. Hear, Feel and Believe the Resound

12. Music at Its Best

13. For Those Who Speak Music

14. Moves You with Melodies

15. Beating to the Beat of Our Records

16. Enter a World of Music

17. Enter an All-New Sound

18. Tune In & Turn Up Your Music

19. Get Caught up in the Beat

20. From Us to You Hear the Music

21. From the Studio to You

22. The Beat of Our Sounds

23. Creating a Harmonious Melody

24. Music Unites Us

25. Join the Stirring of Musical Joy

26. Rock Out To Our Groove

27. Hear the Sounds of Fresh Music

28. Enjoy the Journey Through Music

29. Records Crafted for Your Ears

30. Engage with Our Records

31. Get Lost in the Groove

32. Music That Moves You

33. Feel the Music Vibrate

34. Get Ready for Sound Waves

35. Make the Music Come Alive

36. Unite to the Music

37. All-New Sounds from Our Records

38. Music That Resonates With You

39. Embrace a World of Music

40. Find Your Melody Here

41. Don't Just Listen, Feel the Music

42. Acoustic Heaven in Your Home

43. Take a Trip Through Music

44. Follow Our Music Wherever It Leads

45. Get Into the Rhythm

46. Jam to the Beats

47. Come Together in Music

48. Let Our Sounds Flow

49. Feel the Groove Get Louder

50. Feel Every Beat Through Our Records

When coming up with Record label slogans, it is important to have a concept in mind and be creative. Take into consideration what your label represents musically, so that your slogan accurately reflects its sound. Use keywords such as "dynamic," "unique," and "genre-shifting," to convey your label’s message. Additionally, don't be afraid to play on the sense of humor of your potential listeners. Brainstorm by bringing together related words and phrases to create a tagline that is catchy and memorable. Think up some unique, cool and exciting phrases that deliver a bold message to listeners. Furthermore, consider making your slogan memorable, but be careful to avoid something that is a cliché or too generic. Keep the slogan concise since people’s attention span is really short nowadays, and choose words that are easy to grasp. Lastly, think about the feeling your label conveys and the image it portrays. Record label slogans that address emotion tend to get more traction.

Record Label Nouns

Gather ideas using record label nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Record nouns: audio recording, phonograph record, list, disc, criminal record, number, evidence, attainment, book, achievement, disk, platter, phonograph recording, record book, listing, accomplishment, track record, sound recording, document, fact
Label nouns: brand name, marque, marker, brand, marking, description, mark, radioisotope, recording label, trade name

Record Label Verbs

Be creative and incorporate record label verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Record verbs: immortalize, register, enter, memorialize, put down, preserve, immortalise, indicate, tape, put down, erase (antonym), show, record, save, read, enter, register, memorialise, commemorate, remind
Label verbs: tell, mark up, designate, attach, mark down, differentiate, severalise, denominate, hold, judge, severalize, tell apart, pronounce, adjudge, distinguish, separate, declare, tag, mark, secernate, secern

Record Label Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with record label are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Record: spinal cord, chipboard, landlord, washboard, gourd, cardboard, sward, gored, baseboard, ignored, pegboard, notochord, mord, chord, hord, skateboard, smorgasbord, adored, outboard, checkered, clapboard, wallboard, chessboard, verwoerd, corrugated cardboard, aboard, pored, scored, broadsword, reward, fjord, sword, dashboard, keyboard, blackboard, warlord, sounding board, hardboard, acord, clipboard, poured, fingerboard, floored, abhorred, restored, soared, implored, explored, paperboard, cord, lord, concorde, floorboard, award, underscored, headboard, clavichord, strike a chord, hospital ward, untoward, checkerboard, hoard, roared, display board, circuit board, concord, oared, ford, accord, horde, scoreboard, storyboard, gaylord, bulletin board, fiberboard, fnord, springboard, billboard, ord, stored, switchboard, overlord, board, inboard, surfboard, njord, overboard, nord, sound board, afford, aboveboard, bored, snowboard, deplored, dartboard, harpsichord, onboard, toward, seaboard, ward

Words that rhyme with Label: mortality table, rabal, trestle table, gray bill, habile, laible, pier table, printer cable, hable, enable, parsons table, sable, turntable, snooker table, frable, toilet table, gable, water table, zabel, cable, drawing table, stabile, crable, abel, coffee table, jumper cable, dining table, tip table, unstable, timetable, fibre optic cable, able, communion table, raible, abell, council table, table, kable, roundtable, ground cable, card table, waybill, mabel, billiard table, cocktail table, broadway bill, operating table, pedestal table, way bill, not able, console table, guy cable, chaebol, playbill, relabel, be able, bell gable, pin table, mable, tea table, mislabel, unable, stable, ethernet cable, fable, work table, day bill, american sable, decision table, periodic table, flabile, grable, correlation table, sabal, fiber optic cable, kitchen table, disable, schaible, coax cable, livery stable, plane table, statistical table, pool table, airway bill, electrical cable, waibel, gaming table, round table, breakfast table, conference table, writing table, dressing table, drafting table, dinner table, actuarial table, coaxial cable, willing and able, graduated table, power cable, graybeal
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