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For The Number 7 Slogan Ideas

7 Slogans

The 7 Slogans are a set of popular slogans developed in the early 1980s in China during its modernization drive. They began as "seven guiding principles" in 1979, during the early stages of the Reform and Opening-up period, and became known as slogans or mottos after 1981. The slogans cover topics such as economic development, improved quality of life, science and technology, defense of China's independence, and national unity. At the height of their popularity, the 7 Slogans had been translated into 121 Chinese dialects and numerous foreign languages, and were known across the country. The original seven slogans were: "Practice thrift and oppose extravagance"; "Found technical innovation on the basis of hard work"; "Strengthen the country through science and education"; "Put quality first and strive to be number one in the world"; "Observe the laws and disciplines, and keep the country stable"; "Put the interests of the collective before those of the individual"; and "Uphold unity and strive for progress." The 7 Slogans have been used in various ways since their introduction, and remain a source of inspiration for many in China today.

1. Level Up with 7

2. Rock Out with 7

3. Clean Up with 7

4. Move Ahead with 7

5. Shine On with 7

6. Reach Out with 7

7. Life's All About 7

8. Count On 7

9. Turn Up the 7

10. Put Your Best Foot 7

11. Plug In with 7

12. Be a Pro with 7

13. Hexa-Miracle 7

14. Glyphs-fill Your 7 Needs

15. Go 7-Way Galactic

16. Activate the 7 Wonders

17. Get Lucky 7's

18. Make the 7 Blessing Real

19. All Hail the 7 Lineup

20. Perfectly 7-some

21. Never Settling for 7

22. Let the 7 Shine Through

23. Power Up with 7

24. Get the 7-Tens Advantage

25. New Levels of 7

26. The Winning 7 Edge

27. Find Your Lucky 7

28. That 7-A-Side Feeling

29. Reach New 7 Heights

30. Find Your 7-Life Balance

31. Sturdy as 7

32. Take on 7 Challenges

33. Rock Out with 7s

34. Create with 7

35. 7 the Max Factor

36. Give Seven a Try

37. Showcase Your 7

38. Trust the 7s

39. Into the 7 Realm

40. Go Ahead With 7

41. Count On Seven

42. Discover the Power of 7

43. Take Control with 7

44. Make 7 Magic

45. Make it 7-tastic

46. Catch the 7 Bug

47. Reach Beyond 7

48. Play it with 7s

49. Nothing Beats 7

50. Take on the 7 Seas

When coming up with catchy slogans for the number 7, brainstorming is key! Think of words or phrases that involve the number 7. This could be anything from seven wonders to seven principles. Use the idea of ‘lucky 7’ as well to come up with phrases like ‘Lucky 7 Strikes Again’. Once you have generated a few ideas related to 7, research other slogans to make sure yours is original. Use the internet, books, magazines and other sources to obtain more information related to your slogan. Finally, if you are in a group, you can come up with ideas together and edit each other’s slogan ideas.

For The Number 7 Nouns

Gather ideas using for the number 7 nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Number nouns: bit, periodical, signal, issue, act, turn, performance, sign, figure, positive identification, signaling, public presentation, grammatical category, routine, ware, product, company, symbol, phone number, identification number, amount, telephone number, syntactic category, numeral, merchandise, definite quantity, size

For The Number 7 Verbs

Be creative and incorporate for the number 7 verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Number verbs: sort out, list, enumerate, designate, classify, total, amount, keep down, name, count, confine, limit, class, add up, be, determine, come, sort, identify, numerate, assort, ascertain, find, find out, circumscribe, count, separate, denominate

For The Number 7 Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with for the number 7 are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Number: macumber, mccumber, cumber, outnumber, umber, lumber, unencumber, slumber, encumber, humber
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