March's top tagalog valentines day slogan ideas. tagalog valentines day phrases, taglines & sayings with picture examples.
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Tagalog Valentines Day Slogan Ideas

Tagalog Valentines Day Slogans

Tagalog is a language predominantly spoken in the Philippines, and the language is used to create romantic and heartfelt slogans for Valentines Day. Tagalog Valentines Day slogans often take the form of poems, and are designed to be shared with significant other or family members. Many Tagalog Valentines Day slogans also revolve around the notion of wanting things to get better after a period of sadness or apathy. This type of message focuses on looking to the future and telling the recipient that better days are ahead. These heartwarming messages can be written on cards, shared through social media, or even printed out and framed for the special someone in your life.

1. Puso ko'y Para Sa'yo - My Heart is for You

2. Ang Buhay ay Ngiti - Life is a Smile

3. Lahat Lakas, Lahat Pag-ibig - All Strength, All Love

4. This Valentine's, Manligaw Ka't Magmahal - This Valentine's, Court and Love

5. Kulay Rosas ang Valentines - Valentine's is in Pink

6. Cupid ay Mayroong Puso - Cupid Has a Heart

7. Walang Pamatay sa Pag-ibig - Nothing Beats Love

8. Magmahal Para sa Tag-araw - Love for the Day

9. Ang Tapat na Pagmamahal ay Para sa'yo - True Love is for You

10. Isang Pag-ibig para sa Iyo - One Love for You

11. Maligayang Valentines - Happy Valentine's

12. Ikaw ang Pangalawang Puso Ko - You are My Other Heart

13. Hindi Na mahuhuli ang Pag-ibig - Love Won't be Left Behind

14. Mananatiling Magkahawig - Remain Lovingly Alike

15. Walang Hanggan - Love is Limitless

16. Pag-ibig Mang Handa - Love is Prepared

17. May Awa Ang Valentines - Valentine's Has Mercy

18. Sa Iyo Ang Puso Ko - My Heart Is for You

19. Ligaya at Pag-ibig - Joy and Love

20. Mananatiling Kailanman Patas - Always Remain Fair

21. Mabibilis at Titibay - Fast and Steady

22. Valentines ang Lunas Apat - Valentine's is the Cure

23. Mabuting Pandama; Makabuluhang Pag-ibig - Kind Perception; Meaningful Love

24. Tradisyunal ang Pag-ibig - Love is Traditional

25. Paghanga ang Nagdiriwang - Admiration is Celebrated

26. Maging Kaibalikla sa Pag-ibig - Be Clingy in Love

27. Walang Hinahanggan sa Pag-ibig - Nothing Prevents Love

28. Obligasyon ng Pag-ibig - Duty of Love

29. Biyaya ng Pag-ibig - Blessing of Love

30. Kinalakhan ng Pag-ibig - Perfectly Crafted of Love

31. Handog ng Pag-ibig - Gift of Love

32. Mabuhay ng Pag-ibig - Live in Love

33. Isa nga Lang kay Kailangan - One Is Enough

34. Taglay ang Laman ng Pag-ibig - Carrying the Essence of Love

35. Malasakit ang Magpapasaya - Care is What Brings Joy

36. Lancengan ng Puso - Heart Runs Quickly

37. Ang Padama ay Nag-iisang Regalo - Perception is One Gift

38. Palibhan sa Pag-ibig - Embrace in Love

39. Pakikipaglaban sa Pag-ibig - Fight for Love

40. Laging Ngiti - Always Smiles

41. Magpunta sa Pag-ibig - Go Forth to Love

42. Tirahan ng Pag-ibig - Abode of Love

43. Maging Isang Paraan sa Pag-ibig - Be One Way in Love

44. Sinag ng Tag-araw sa Puso Ko - Sunshine in My Heart

45. Lalim ng Puso; Kakaunting Huwaran - Deep Heart; Few Monument

46. Tag-ulan ay Pangako ng Pag-ibig - Rain Is Promise of Love

47. Paglingkuran ang Walang Hangganang Pag-ibig - Serve Limitless Love

48. Sabayang Walang Hangganang Pag-ibig - Harmonious Limitless Love

49. Magalang sa Paraan ng Pag-ibig - Respect the Way of Love

50. Buhay Para sa Pag-ibig - Life for Love

When coming up with Tagalog Valentines Day slogans, it's important to consider the culture, language and customs of Tagalog culture. Begin by brainstorming phrases and keywords related to Valentines Day, such as "love", "heart" and "togetherness". Then, use the Filipino language to accustom these phrases to the Tagalog language, such as "gusto" for love, "mudra" for heart, or "pagsasama-sama" for together. Be sure to include cultural references to make the slogan feel more personal and official, such as by including traditional Filipino activities, like "banatero" or performing a serenade. Overall, it’s important that the slogan resonates with traditional Filipino culture and values about the true meaning of Valentines Day in the Philippines.

Tagalog Valentines Day Nouns

Gather ideas using tagalog valentines day nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

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