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Interesting Facts
Antimony is a metalloid element that is most commonly found in the sulfide mineral stibnite. It can be found on the periodic table as symbol Sb with the atomic number 51. Here are a few cool antimony facts:
  • Antimony was used in ancient Egypt as a form of eyeliner (kohl).
  • Its name is attributed to the French word for "monk killer," since toxic antimony is linked to alchemy, which was often studied by monks.
  • One of the metastable forms is explosive antimony, and produces white fumes when scratched with a metal object.
  • China is typically the top global producer of antimony, extracting between 84% and 88% of the supply.
  • The predominant uses for antimony include alloying with other metals, creating flame retardant products, and as a chemical stabilizer.
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Quotes on the element Antimony:
Quotes about Antimony:

  • "A so-called antimony war had been waged between French [Galenist] physicians and [alchemical, Paracelsian] iatrochemists since the beginning of the seventeenth century. What it lacked in bloodletting, this war made up for in bile." -Phillip Ball
  • "Antimony found heavy work as a medicine, although it’s actually toxic. Mozart probably died from taking too much to combat a severe fever." -Sam Kean
  • "As there are six kinds of metals, so I have also shown with reliable experiments… that there are also six kinds of half-metals. I through my experiments, had the good fortune … to be the discoverer of a new half-metal, namely cobalt regulus, which had formerly been confused with bismuth." -Georg Brandt

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