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Interesting Facts
Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since 1932, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. Here are 5 surprising facts about you may not know about Black Friday:
  • Black Friday is not an official holiday, but California and some other states observe "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday for state government employees.
  • 'Black Friday' used to refer to stock market crashes in the 1800s. Although it is now known as the biggest shopping day in the US, the term Black Friday originally referred to very different events.
  • One third of online shoppers make purchases with a mobile phone.
  • 1 in 5 Shoppers will wait in line for however long it takes
  • Black Friday may be going away or at least losing all relevance. Like the proverbial snake swallowing its own tail, Black Friday contributes to its own irrelevance a little more each year as more retailers begin offering "Black Friday" deals on Thanksgiving Day or even earlier in the week and more shoppers look for deals online.
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Black Friday Slogans

Black Friday Promotions
Ninety-five million shoppers will hit stores on Black Friday, according to the National Retail Federation. The average shopper will spend $407 between Thanksgiving and the following Sunday.

With the biggest shopping day of the season fast approaching, its time to get moving on your promotions. To help, weve created a list of actionable promotion ideas that you can use to get your piece of the Black Friday pie.

Boost Your Black Friday Sales with These Marketing Ideas

  • 1. Offer Black Friday sweepstakes on social media
  • 2. Create mystery campaigns
  • 3. Start an in-store scavenger hunt
  • 4. Have a follow the footprints sale
  • 5. Send loyal customer-only offers and sneak peaks

Quotes for Black Friday
Quotes about Shopping:

  • "Only in America do people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have." -Unknown
  • "A Christmas shopper's complaint is one of long-standing." -Unknown
  • "Consumerism has a religious day called Black Friday." -Jarod Kintz
  • "A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist." -Franklin P. Jones
  • "Christmas is the season when you buy this year's gifts with next year's money." -Unknown

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