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Interesting Facts
College trends, college student behavior, and the future of college graduates. The following are 5 surprising facts about college
  • 75 percent of high school seniors are accepted to their first-choice colleges, but less than 57 percent can afford to attend.
  • 23 percent of full-time undergrads, who are 24 or younger, work 20 hours or more a week.
  • Of the 2,350,000 college students enrolling per year, only 1,750,000 will graduate.
  • 86.9 percent of freshmen expected to complete their degrees in four years or fewer.
  • In one year, 1,250,000 students transferred to another school; 1,125,000 dropped out.
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College Campaign Slogans

Attracting Customers with College Slogans

One way to attract customers and grow a college business is to use college slogans. Slogans are memorable phrases that capture the essence of a college and its values. They can be used on promotional materials, social media, and in other marketing efforts. College slogans should be creative, unique, and memorable. They should also be relevant to the college's mission and values. Additionally, slogans should be concise and easy to remember. When used effectively, college slogans can help to create a strong brand identity, increase visibility, and ultimately attract more customers.

1. Get Your Degree, Get Ahead

2. Learn More, Earn More

3. Invest in Your Future

4. Unlock Your Potential

5. Unlock Your Possibilities

6. Reach Higher

7. Get Ahead of the Curve

8. Reach Your Goals

9. Dare to Dream

10. Aim Higher

11. Make Your Mark

12. Make Your Move

13. Make the Grade

14. Make It Happen

15. Be the Change

16. Find Your Path

17. Find Your Voice

18. Find Your Purpose

19. Create Your Future

20. Reach New Heights

21. Reach for the Stars

22. Open New Doors

23. Take the Lead

24. Take the Next Step

25. Take Control of Your Future

26. Take the Challenge

27. Take the Road Less Traveled

28. Take the Leap

29. Blaze Your Own Trail

30. Pursue Your Passion

31. Live Your Dreams

32. Live Your Best Life

33. Expand Your Horizons

34. Expand Your Knowledge

35. Learn, Grow, Succeed

36. Shape Your Future

37. Shape Your World

38. Transform Your Life

39. Unlock Your Potential

40. Ignite Your Future

Coming up with college slogans can be a fun and creative way to promote a college business. Start by brainstorming ideas and keywords related to the college business. Think about the mission and values of the college, as well as the target audience. Consider the tone and style of the slogan, and how it will be used in marketing materials. Research other college slogans to get inspiration. Once you have a few ideas, narrow down the list and select the best one. Then, test it out with a focus group or survey to get feedback. Finally, refine the slogan to make sure it is concise, catchy, and memorable.

Your Life. Your College. Your Way.
Your Life. Your College. Your Way. - Community College of Vermont

3 You're One of a Kind. So Are We. - University of Rio Grande

4 Why Go Anywhere Else? - Iowa Lakes Community College

Your Place. Your Purpose.
Your Place. Your Purpose. - Belhaven University

7 Declare Yourself - Buffalo State College

Invent Yourself
Invent Yourself - Beloit College

9 Set Yourself Apart - Colorado Northwestern Community College

10 Become Exceptional - Bellevue College

Famous Quotes on College
Quotes about college:

  • "By making college unaffordable and student loans unbearable, we risk deterring our best and brightest from pursuing higher education and securing a good paying job." -Mark Pocan
  • "I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruins my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star." -Natalie Portman
  • "While I was (in college) I was exposed to this world that I didn't know was possible." -Tom Hanks
  • "College degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity." -Dan Rather
  • "College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?" -David Wood

Exceptional Education. Exceptional Value.
Exceptional Education. Exceptional Value. - Muskingum University

12 Like No Place Else on Earth - University of Hawaii System

13 As Distinctive as You - Perdue School of Business, Salisbury University

The Perfect Fit for You
The Perfect Fit for You - North Iowa Area Community College

16 The Focus Is You - Southwestern Oklahoma State University

17 Your Future, Our Focus - Northwest College

18 Your Future. Our Mission. - Missouri University of Science and Technology

19 Your Future Is Our Future - Louisiana State University at Alexandria

Your Future Starts Here
Your Future Starts Here - College of Southern Nevada

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