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Interesting Facts
Television commercials have long been an effective means of advertising products. Here are some astonishing facts related to commercials and advertising.
  • More than $500 billion a year is spent on advertising worldwide.
  • By the time a person in the United States is 65 years old, he would have seen an estimated two million television commercials.
  • Many researchers argue that advertising is the most powerful art form on Earth.
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    Power Of Television Commercial Advertising

    Television advertising, without question is the most influential and compelling form of commercial communication available to advertisers on a market, regional and national basis.

    The superiority and sheer power of TV advertising is a result of a multitude of unique medium characteristics. Its superiority traces to both the efficacies of TV as a form of media (delivery) as well as the communication powers (the creative expression or compelling idea) of television.

    When you examine television and look closely at it in media comparison terms, it's clearly the medium of choice in many, if not most marketing and advertising situations.

    Television enjoys a long and proven history in terms of message delivery and communication efficacy. It has proven time and time again that TV can be relied upon to achieve an advertisers communication objective and contribute to the achievement of associated business, marketing and sales goals. Advertisers choose TV as their medium of choice for a host of compelling communication reasons.

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    Quotes about Commercials and Advertising
    Here are a list of quotes related to advertising:

    • "The average TV commercial of sixty seconds has one hundred and twenty half-second clips in it, or one-third of a second. We bombard people with sensation. That substitutes for thinking." - Ray Bradbury
    • Advertisements on YouTube are the new infomercials." - J.R. Rim
    • Advertisement shouldn’t look like information, it should look like a promise." - Amit Kalantri
    • "Allowing your kids to watch TV doesn't have to mean they have no choice but to see commercials for junk food and alcohol." - Charlie Ergen
    • "Commercials capture your attention, that's all." -Calvin Klein

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