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Interesting Facts
Dodge is one of the oldest American automakers. It bears the name of its legendary creators, the Dodge brothers. The company is responsible for the creation of some of the most recognizable cars, made in the United States. Here are some facts that you need to know about this amazing company:
  • In 1900, the Dodge Brothers Company was founded by Horace and John Dodge in Detroit, Michigan.
  • In 1989, the brand new Dodge Viper arrived.
  • Dodge Charger, of the 1970 model year, is known to be one of the most venerated cars of its time.
  • During the years of the Second Word War, the Dodge, like other American companies, took on military equipment production. Notably, Dodge was one of the top suppliers of aircraft engines for the US Air Forces.
  • The Dodge brothers founded an assembly factory in London, UK - the first American automobile factory on the European continent.
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Dodge Slogans

Attracting Customers with Dodge Slogans

In order to attract customers and grow a Dodge business, it is important to use slogans that will resonate with them. Slogans should be catchy and memorable, and should emphasize the unique qualities of the Dodge brand. For example, slogans such as "Go Boldly" or "Dodge the Status Quo" can be used to emphasize the boldness of the brand and its commitment to standing out from the crowd. Additionally, slogans such as "Always Ready" or "Push the Limits" can be used to emphasize the power and performance of Dodge vehicles. By using catchy and memorable slogans, businesses can better attract customers and increase their brand awareness.

1. Dodge - Different. By Design.

2. Dodge - Dare to be Different.

3. Dodge - Go Your Own Way.

4. Dodge - Built for Real Life.

5. Dodge - Get Ready for Real Life.

6. Dodge - Get Ready to Go.

7. Dodge - Dare to Go Further.

8. Dodge - Drive the Difference.

9. Dodge - Outrun What’s Possible.

10. Dodge - Keep Moving Forward.

11. Dodge - Push the Limits.

12. Dodge - Get in and Go.

13. Dodge - Get Ready to Rule the Road.

14. Dodge - Get Ready to Take Control.

15. Dodge - Get Ready to Take On the World.

16. Dodge - Get Ready to Take the Lead.

17. Dodge - Take the Road Less Traveled.

18. Dodge - Conquer the Road.

19. Dodge - Take Charge of Your Life.

20. Dodge - Make Every Day an Adventure.

21. Dodge - Make Life an Adventure.

22. Dodge - Live Life on the Edge.

23. Dodge - Live Life to the Fullest.

24. Dodge - Go Beyond the Ordinary.

25. Dodge - Dare to be Extraordinary.

26. Dodge - Push the

Coming up with a catchy slogan for a Dodge business can be a creative and fun process. Start by brainstorming ideas that are related to the Dodge brand. Think about words that embody the spirit of the company, such as power, performance, speed, and adventure. Next, think about how you can combine those words into a short phrase that captures the essence of the company. Consider wordplay and puns to make the slogan more memorable. Finally, make sure that the slogan is clear and concise so that it can be easily remembered. With a little bit of creativity and the right keywords, you can come up with a slogan that will set your Dodge business apart.

Automotive Quotes About Dodge
Quotes about Dodge:

  • "The requirements of romantic love are difficult to satisfy in the back seat of a Dodge Dart." -Lisa Alther
  • "I love old, vintage cars. I've got a 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan right now and there's only five of them registered in the world, and I absolutely love working on it. It's gorgeous." -Danny Trejo
  • "I drive a big Dodge truck. I drive American cars." -J. B. Smoove
  • "Dodge v. Ford still stands for the legal principal that managers and directors have a legal duty to put the shareholders' interests above all others and no legal authority to serve any other interests - what has come to be known as "the best interests of the corporation" principal." -Joel Bakan
  • "If I'm in Malibu driving up and down Pacific Coast Highway, my '68 Dodge Charger usually is what I like to drive." -Brody Jenner