3 new entries added to evian slogans, that include pictures. 1. Approved by your body as a source of youth.
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Evian Slogans

Evian's slogan "Live Young" has been incredibly impactful and important to the brand's marketing structure. The slogan is a reminder to people that life is about enjoying the little moments and making the most of each day. It also serves as a reminder to live authentically and to appreciate the beauty of life. Evian's marketing structure has been built around this mantra, with campaigns that focus on living life to the fullest and enjoying the moment. The brand also promotes its products as a source of hydration and energy for an active lifestyle, reinforcing the idea of living young. Evian's slogan has been incredibly successful in connecting with its target audience and creating an emotional connection to the brand.

1. Evian: Nature's Finest Hydration

2. Evian: Refreshingly Natural

3. Evian: Pure, Natural, Refreshing

4. Evian: The Natural Choice

5. Evian: Hydrate Naturally

6. Evian: The Natural Way to Refresh

7. Evian: Nature's Way to Refresh

8. Evian: Pure Refreshment

9. Evian: Natural Refreshment

10. Evian: The Natural Refreshment

11. Evian: Refreshingly Pure

12. Evian: Nature's Purest Refreshment

13. Evian: Refreshment From Nature

14. Evian: Natural Refreshment for Life

15. Evian: Refreshingly Natural Refreshment

16. Evian: Natural Refreshment for All

17. Evian: Natural Refreshment for Everyone

18. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Best

19. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Source

20. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Finest

21. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Purest

22. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Purest Source

23. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Best Source

24. Evian: Refreshment From Nature's Finest Source

When coming up with slogans for Evian, it is important to focus on the brand's core values. Evian is known for its natural, mineral-rich water, sourced from the French Alps. Therefore, slogans should focus on the natural purity of the product, as well as its health benefits and refreshing taste. Additionally, Evian's commitment to sustainability could be highlighted in slogans, as well as the brand's connection to the French Alps. Keywords to consider when coming up with Evian slogans include: natural, mineral-rich, health, refreshment, sustainability, French Alps.

2 Evian. Live young. - Evian