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With great weather and time-off from school & work in the summer months, it's no wonder that family reunion season is here! We. Here are some facts you may not know about family reunions.
  • Family reunions are bigger than we thought! 43% of family reunions have 56+ attendees varying in ages from 1 month old to 75+ years of age.
  • The most popular activities taking place at family reunions are taking family portraits (70%), playing family games (56%) and sporting games (43%).
  • Time away with family is valuable! More than half (52%) of families travel between 50-250 miles with 67% traveling over 250 miles. Additionally, a majority (57%) of reunions last for an entire weekend or for an entire week (23%).
  • Many families up their game by purchasing custom gear for the reunion, with 96% creating custom t-shirts and 15% creating custom drinkware (water bottles, koozies, etc.)
  • 41% of respondents have reunions once a year with 45% having one once every 2-4 years.
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    The Purpose of a Family Reunion

    In some families, reunions are a regular--perhaps even annual--event designed to help relatives keep in touch. Other families may gather more spontaneously for other purposes. Regardless of the reason, a family reunion differs from a family holiday gathering in that extended family members are present. You can learn a lot about your family at a reunion, and perhaps mend bonds that had been broken. In any case, a family reunion is often a memorable event.

    The majority of family reunions are organized as a means for members to keep in touch with one another. This is especially important if your family is spread across the country, or even the globe. In such a case, it is unlikely that all of your family members can attend all holiday gatherings. Though you may keep in touch through email or by phone, nothing beats a personal gathering.

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    Quotes about family
    Quotes on family and family reunions:

    • "One wants to be together with one's family. That's what families are about." -Aung San Suu Yuki
    • "A family reunion is an effective form of birth control." -Heinlein
    • "Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one." -Unknown
    • "Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say." -Rick Riordan
    • "If you don't believe in ghosts, you've never been to a family reunion." -Ashleigh Brilliant

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