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Interesting Facts
Homecoming is a time to celebrate shared experiences, when alumni from high schools and colleges return to their alma maters from around the world to reconnect with people, places and traditions. The following are some interesting facts you may not know about Homecoming.
  • The NCAA credits the University of Missouri with the first homecoming event in 1911. The event drew over 10,000 alumni and fans for a weekend of speeches, rallies, dances and a parade, with the big game as the weekend's center point.
  • The homecoming court has its origins in the 1930s. Originally chosen based on a composite of the float she was riding and the person herself, later queens and kings were nominated and ultimately chosen based on their qualities as an individual.
  • The tailgate party has emerged as the pre-eminent event for homecoming week celebrations. Alumni, students and fans will travel from all over the world to attend the festivities taking place in the parking lot outside of a stadium. Many tailgaters don't even have tickets for the game--they're just there for the party.
  • The modern homecoming parade includes the school's marching band, the homecoming court, a variety of floats based upon a chosen theme and a leader of the parade--usually the school's grand marshal.
  • Spirit days or dress-up days are most popular during high school homecoming week. Different themes designated throughout the week invite students to dress in costumes or school colors to show their school spirit. Common themes include toga day, geek week and school spirit day.
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Attracting Supporters for Homecoming Campaigns

To attract supporters and grow a campaign promoting homecoming, it is important to create catchy slogans that are easy to remember and will get people excited about the event. These slogans should be used in all promotional materials, such as flyers, posters, and social media posts. Additionally, it is important to engage with the community to spread the word and create a buzz about the upcoming homecoming. This can be done by hosting events, such as game nights and bonfires, and inviting people to join. Finally, connecting with local businesses and organizations to offer discounts or special promotions can be a great way to increase interest in the homecoming campaign.

1. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate

2. Homecoming: A Time to Reunite

3. Homecoming: Where Memories are Made

4. Homecoming: A Time to Shine

5. Homecoming: A Time to Rekindle

6. Homecoming: A Time to Reconnect

7. Homecoming: A Time to Remember

8. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our School

9. Homecoming: A Night to Remember

10. Homecoming: A Time to Reunite Our Community

11. Homecoming: A Time to Come Together

12. Homecoming: A Time for Fun

13. Homecoming: A Time for Friends

14. Homecoming: A Time for Memories

15. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Spirit

16. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Traditions

17. Homecoming: A Time to Honor Our School

18. Homecoming: A Time to Honor Our Alumni

19. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Past

20. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Future

21. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Pride

22. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Unity

23. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Success

24. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Heritage

25. Homecoming: A Time to Celebrate Our Loyalty

Coming up with homecoming slogans is a great way to get the school and community excited for the big event. Start by brainstorming ideas and words related to homecoming such as spirit, pride, school, celebration, and unity. Then, combine these words in creative ways to come up with catchy phrases that embody the spirit of homecoming. For example, "Spirit Unites: Celebrate Homecoming!" or "Pride Unites: Homecoming is Here!" Once you have a few ideas, share them with friends, family, and teachers to get feedback and decide on the best one. With a great homecoming slogan, the whole school will be ready to celebrate!

Quotes for Homecoming
Quotes about Homecoming:

  • "Homecoming means more than kings and queens." -Unknown
  • "Homecoming means football, floats, and fun." -Unknown
  • "Homecoming means tradition." -Unknown
  • "Homecoming means more than winning a competition or a sporting event. It provides an opportunity for every component of the university to come together to celebrate as a whole." -Unknown
  • "Homecoming means parades, football and reuniting with old friends. And as I recall from my youth, a little beer." -J. Wilson

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