31 new entries added to iron slogans, that include pictures. 1. No ferrous, the Element known as Iron.
Interesting Facts
Forming much of the Earth's core, Iron is one of the most common elements found in the natural world. This metal has the atomic symbol Fe and is used to forge steel. Check out these cool iron facts below:
  • Iron is the sixth most common element in the universe.
  • While iron is often found in environments that are low on oxygen, it is highly reactive to both oxygen and water.
  • Iron is the heaviest element to be created through the silicon burning of hot stars.
  • Iron often appears as a lustrous silver color, but oxidizes to rust in air.
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Great Quotes on Iron
Quotes about iron:

  • "A good method of discovery is to imagine certain members of a system removed and then see how what is left would behave: for example, where would we be if iron were absent from the world." -Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
  • "Ancient stars in their death throes spat out atoms like iron which this universe had never known. ... Now the iron of old nova coughings vivifies the redness of our blood." -Howard Bloom
  • "And this is a miracle of nature in part known, namely, that iron follows the part of a magnet that touches it, and flies from the other part of the same magnet. And the iron turns itself after moving to the part of the heavens conformed to the part of the magnet which it touched." -Roger Bacon
  • "Coal and iron are the kings of the earth, because they make and unmake the kings of the earth." -Unknown

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