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Labs are risky by the very nature of chemicals and lab experiments that are being conducted out there. Here are safety facts in science labs to avoid accidents and injuries in the lab.
  • Hot apparatus take time to cool down. Allow time to cool them down and use tongs or heat protective gloves to pick them up.
  • Unused chemicals should never be put back in the original bottle. They must be disposed off as per the guidelines given by the lab assistant or science teacher.
  • Never mix chemicals in sink drains. Sinks are to be used only for water. Check with your teacher for disposal of chemicals and solutions.
  • Long hair, dangling jewelry, and loose or baggy clothing are a hazard in the laboratory.
  • Do not immerse hot glassware in cold water. The glassware may shatter.
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Well known laboratory quotes
Famous laboratory quotes:

  • "A laboratory is only a place where one may better set up and control conditions." - Martin H. Fischer
  • "A laboratory of natural history is a sanctuary where nothing profane should be tolerated. I feel less agony at improprieties in churches than in a scientific laboratory." -Louis Agassiz
  • "A first-rate laboratory is one in which mediocre scientists can produce outstanding work." -Patrick M.S. Blackett
  • "A neat and orderly laboratory is unlikely. It is, after all, so much a place of false starts and multiple attempts." -Isaac Asimov
  • "A tidy laboratory means a lazy chemist." -Jons Jacob Berzelius

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