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Interesting Facts
Even though they're only on 2 wheels, and much smaller than cars, motorcycles have played just as interesting a role in history as the automobile. Here are a few facts about motorcycles.
  • British inventor Edward Butler is credited with coining the term 'motorcycle' when inventing a 3-wheeled petrol vehicle in 1884.
  • The world's largest motorcycle pyramid was completed by the Indian Army's Daredevil Team, with 201 men riding on 10 bikes.
  • Technically, up to eight motorcycles can fit into the same parking space occupied by one car.
  • Japan built a motorcycle called the TOTO which was powered by human waste.
  • The world's longest motorcycle, built in Russia in 2005, is 31 feet long and seats up to 16 people.
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Quotes on Motorcycles
Quotes about Motorcycle riding:

  • "It wasn't until I went to college and I got my first motorcycle that I understood the thrill of speed." -Vin Diesel
  • "You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!" -Dan Aykroyd
  • "On a bike no one ever asks, 'Are we there yet?'" -Stacy Westfall
  • "I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair." -Eric Bana
  • "The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle." -Lucinda Williams

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