40 new entries added to nitrogen slogans, that include pictures. 1. Nitrogen, the bright idea behind the brightest invention ever, the light bulb.
Interesting Facts
Nitrogen is essential to life on Earth. It is a component of all proteins and it can be found in all living systems. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about nitrogen.
  • Nitrogen is believed to be the seventh most abundant element in the universe.
  • Liquid nitrogen boils at -195.8 degrees Celsius.
  • All living things contain nitrogen, mostly in amino acids, DNA, and RNA.
  • Nitrogen gas can be a health hazard in that it can displace available oxygen, causing harm without prior warning due to the body's ability to take in nitrogen.
  • The human body contains about 3% nitrogen, making it the fourth most prevalent element after oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.
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Quotes on the element nitrogen
Quotes about nitrogen:

  • "The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff." -Carl Sagan
  • "Grief is an element. It has its own cycle like the carbon cycle, the nitrogen. It never diminishes not ever. It passes in and out of everything." -Peter Heller
  • "We have an atmosphere that is roughly 21% oxygen. The rest of it is largely nitrogen. There's just enough carbon dioxide (CO2) to drive photosynthesis. That has been, throughout the history of our species, pretty stable. Until recently." -Sylvia Earle
  • "Growing and decaying vegetation in this land are responsible for 93 percent of the oxides of nitrogen." -Ronald Reagan
  • "Before the first atomic bomb test, scientists took the time to calculate whether the blast would ignite the nitrogen in Earth's atmosphere and incinerate us all. The risk was low and the test went off, but Rees wonders what the odds would have had to be to discourage the bomb makers." -Dennis Overbye

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