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Interesting Facts
Perhaps the most important chemical compound to human life, oxygen boasts the symbol O on the periodic table. Other than being the air we breathe, there are many other interesting facts about oxygen you may not know:
  • Almost two-thirds of the weight of living things comes from oxygen, mainly because living things contain a lot of water and 88.9 percent of waters weight comes from oxygen.
  • Oxygen (O2) is unstable in our planets atmosphere and must be constantly replenished by photosynthesis in green plants. Without life, our atmosphere would contain almost no O2.
  • The Northern (and Southern) Lights: The green and dark-red colors in the aurora borealis (and australis) are caused by oxygen atoms.
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Oxygen Slogans

Oxygen (O2) is one of the most important elements required to sustain life. Without it, our health begins to suffer and/or we die. Unhealthy or weak cells due to improper metabolism lose their natural immunity and are thus susceptible to viruses and lead the way to all kinds of serious health problems.

O2 not only gives us life but destroys also the harmful bacteria in our bodies without affecting the beneficial bacteria that we need. No antibiotic or drug can make that claim.

What Scientists Say About Oxygen
Here are some quotes on Oxygen from notable figures:

  • "For science must breathe the oxygen of freedom." -John Charles Polanyi
  • "Fermentation is … life without air, it is life without free oxygen." -Louis Pasteur
  • "I have procured air [oxygen] ... between five and six times as good as the best common air that I have ever met with." -Joseph Priestley
  • "I am inclined to think I shall owe ten years of my life to the good effects of the gas, for I inhale about 20 gallons every day in showing patients how to commence. The gas is just like air, only containing a little more oxygen. Oxygen is what gives life and vitality to the blood. We live on oxygen." -Gardner Quincy Colton

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