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Interesting Facts
Silver (Ag) has an atomic number of forty-seven. This highly valuable metal is slightly harder than gold and has the highest electrical conductivity of any of the metals. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about silver.
  • Of all the metals, silver also has the highest thermal conductivity.
  • Silver tarnishes quite readily in air or water which have hydrogen sulfide or ozone.
  • There are twenty-eight known radioactive isotopes of silver.
  • Several countries have been mining silver since the 1500s.
  • In several pagan religions, silver was associated with magical powers or feminine energy.
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Quotes about the element silver
Quotes about silver:

  • "If silver is used and gold is hoarded than how can gold be of higher monetary value." -Willi Way
  • "Silver is used in the electronics industry and is consumed daily; stock piles of silver are dwindling." -Robert Kiyosaki
  • "As a precious metal, silver is also money." -Robert Kiyosaki
  • "In Italy, everybody buys silver for every special occasion. Baptisms, weddings, you get silver." -Debi Mazar
  • "Getting silver and gold out of junk machinery was quick to be learnt by others." -Li Shufu

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