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Interesting Facts
Sulfur (S) is a bright yellow non-metallic element with an atomic number of sixteen. It is a naturally occurring element, but can also be extracted from common minerals. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about sulfur.
  • Sulfur has been in use since ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible and the Torah.
  • Sulfur can serve as either an oxidant or as a reducing agent.
  • Sulfur is thought to be the seventh most common element in the human body.
  • Sulfur is non-toxic, but its compounds sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid are found in acid rain.
  • In its form hydrogen sulfide, however, it can cause death through respiratory failure.
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Quotes on the element sulfur
Quotes about sulfur:

  • "There was almost a universal acceptance of unhealthy conditions. Sulfur dioxide in smokestack emissions were the price, or smell, of prosperity." -Denis Hayes
  • "Sulfur, when burning, absorbs oxygen gas; the resulting acid is considerably heavier than the sulfur burned; its weight is equal to the sum of weights of the sulfur burned and the oxygen absorbed." -Antoine Lavoisier
  • "For relatively modest amounts of sulfur dioxide injected into the atmosphere, you could easily cool Earth by 1% or more, if you want." -Nathan Myhrvold
  • "Think of negative speech as verbal pollution. And that's what I've been doing: visualizing insults and gossip as a dark cloud, maybe one with some sulfur dioxide. Once you've belched it out, you can't take it back." -A. J. Jacobs
  • "Have faith in the Lord but use sulfur for the itch. " -Unknown

Got Sulphur?
Got Sulphur?

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