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Interesting Facts
The holiday for Mother's Day isn't just a time to celebrate just your mother, it's also about recognizing the tradition of celebrating mothers all over the world. Here are some fun facts about Mother's Day.
  • Ancient Romans would celebrate a "Hilaria" which was a festival dedicated to a mother goddess named Cybele, during March in 250 B.C. Those whom followered her would organize parades, make offerings at the temple, have masquerades and play games. This celebration would last 3 days.
  • Approximately 25% of all flowers purchased over the course of the entire year are during Mother's Day.
  • Over 100 million phone calls are made to mothers on Mother's Day in the United States alone.
  • More than $15 billion dollars is spent on Mother's Day each year.
  • In Yugoslavia, mothers would get tied up by their children on Mother's Day. The only way she could get free would be to pay her children with treats.
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Mothers Day Slogan Generator

Mother's Day Slogans

Mothers Day Slogan

Mother's Day Importance

Here we consider Mother's Day as one of the most important holidays to celebrate. Being a mother is such a thankless rewarding job there's really no comparison. Please take the time to show your mother some real appreciation, not just on Mother's Day but everytime you have the opportunity.

Each and every day can be considered Mothers Day. Tell your mother and the mothers of our children how special they are and what having them in your life truely means. To the dads out there it is our job to lead by example, that being showing you all how important Mothers Day is. Start right away up until it's time for a good night kiss.

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