July's top funny on save water slogan ideas. funny on save water phrases, taglines & sayings with picture examples.
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Funny On Save Water Slogan Ideas

Funny Save Water Slogans

Funny slogans can be an effective way to remind people how easy and important it is to conserve water and protect our planet's valuable resource. Popular funny slogans include "Too Precious To Waste: Grab A Glass, Touch The Tap and Don't Let Go!" and "If Seals Can Do It, So Can You - Cut Off the Tap and There's No Extra Fees!". Other tongue-in-cheek mottos invite people to "Lather Don't Waste Water" and "Stop Thirsting, Start Conserving". These funny slogans are most effective when paired with visuals and a straightforward message of facts that draws attention to why water conservation is important. They can be used in water conservation campaigns, school programs or even neighborhood projects and serve as a reminder of how valuable water is and that each person can make a difference.

1. Water Wise, Silly & Secure!

2. Make Water More Fun, Not Less!

3. Quench your Thirst with a Laugh and a Joke!

4. Let Water Take a Funny Turn!

5. Giggle & Gurgle!

6. Saving Water Can Be Hilarious!

7. Drop the Laughs, Not the Water!

8. Tickle Your Fancy with Conservation!

9. Join the Cool Kids & Save Water!

10. Silly Ways to Save Water - Do it Now!

11. Get Your Splash with Laughter!

12. Let's Face it, Water Conservation is Funny Business!

13. Take a Dip in Water Conservation!

14. The Funniest Way to Save Water!

15. Water Conservation is The New Comedy!

16. Saving Water - Just Laugh & Do It!

17. Soak Up the Laughter & The Water!

18. Laugh at the Water Waster!

19. Making Water Unforgettable - & Fun!

20. Saving Water - Not a Joke, Just Funny!

21. Water Conservation is Hilarious, Seriously!

22. Wiggle & Splash to Save Water!

23. Have Fun Saving Water - We Dare You!

24. Drown Comedy, Save Water!

25. Smile, Laugh & Save Water!

26. Start Saving, Then Laugh!

27. A Joyful Way to Save Water!

28. Keep Calm & Save Water - Ha, Ha!

29. Making Water Fun Again!

30. Putting the Laugh Back in Water Conservation!

31. Get Your Fights & Laughs with Water Conservation!

32. Make Water Conservation a Riot!

33. More Fills, Less Spills - Let's Save Water!

34. Save Water & Get It Together!

35. Cut the Waste & Kick it with Water Conservation

36. Halt Water Waste & Get Your Funny On!

37. Water Conservation Is Serious, but Should Also Be Fun!

38. Save Water & Do it in Style!

39. Joke Around & Save Water!

40. Cut Costs & Keep Laughs Alive!

41. Giggle - It's the Solution for Water Conservation!

42. Have Fun & Save Water - What's Not to Love?

43. Let the Laughs Flow While You Save Water!

44. Take a Splash at Water Conservation!

45. Save Water & Live It Up!

46. Get the Laughs & Save Water - All at Once!

47. Water Conservation - It's Fun, Not Dull!

48. Freak Out & Save Water!

49. Saving Water? Let's Throw a Party & Laugh Too!

50. Save Water & Make Waves!

Coming up with funny save water slogans can be a fun way to spread awareness about water conservation. Think about playing off of common phrases, puns, double entendres and charming rhymes to come up with your slogan. Keywords you can use to get started include catchwords such as "save", "conserve", "water" and "clean". Also consider using words that can stress the urgency of using the resource responsibly, such as "care", "wisely" and "timely". This can help to guide your creativity and help to build awareness around the importance of being smart with the water we have. It is important to remember that every drop of water matters, so use it carefully and don’t waste your resources!

Funny On Save Water Nouns

Gather ideas using funny on save water nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Funny nouns: funny remark, good story, laugh, jape, joke, gag, funny story, jest
Save nouns: bar, prevention
Water nouns: body waste, facility, liquid, piss, body of water, excretory product, excrement, water system, element, installation, pee, weewee, binary compound, nutrient, excretion, excreta, H2O, urine, food, thing, piddle, water supply

Funny On Save Water Adjectives

List of funny on save water adjectives to help modify your slogan.

Funny adjectives: queer, sick, rummy, laughable, risible, comic, odd, amusing, questionable, humourous, mirthful, suspect, shady, curious, singular, suspicious, rum, humorous, peculiar, fishy, unusual, comical, ill, strange

Funny On Save Water Verbs

Be creative and incorporate funny on save water verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Save verbs: spare, spend, reserve, expend, forbear, salve, hold open, relieve, preclude, forbid, economise, lay aside, forestall, redeem, deliver, keep, foreclose, hold on, deliver, book, keep open, economize, carry through, save up, bring through, refrain, prevent, keep, salvage, preserve, rescue, make unnecessary, hold, pull through, drop
Water verbs: irrigate, wet, secrete, furnish, fill up, fill, provide, supply, release, render

Funny On Save Water Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with funny on save water are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Funny: run he, easter bunny, smart money, waste of money, easy money, hush money, for love or money, euromoney, anyone he, pun he, one knee, son he, lunney, squinny, one he, begun he, hearth money, runny, run e, paper money, tunney, ton he, none he, sun he, sun e, ransom money, amount of money, metal money, bunney, kun hee, munni, grandson he, honey, conscience money, son e, squiny, spinny, pin money, un he, cheap money, aknee, none e, shotgun he, le ne, spending money, prize money, tunny, everyone he, bunny, nun he, blood money, sunny, dunny, donne e, entrance money, gunnie, gun he, someone e, thunny, un ne, done he, ship money, fun he, ca ne, blini, won he, sonny, smartmoney, sum of money, folding money, ton ne, someone he, fiat money, money, gunny, pocket money, handgun he, token money, tight money, un e, earnest money, lunny, bunnie, un ni

Words that rhyme with Save: standing wave, gravitation wave, behave, redgrave, delta wave, rave, concave, ground wave, unfav, trave, crave, cold wave, gave, belgrave, misbehave, thrave, schave, lave, deprave, glave, kazikaev, slave, fave, clave, radio wave, hardgrave, knave, shave, sulgrave, white slave, sine wave, hargrave, stationary wave, forgave, enslave, stave, kunaev, gravity wave, brain wave, waive, tidal wave, sky wave, shock wave, air wave, crime wave, architrave, rolling wave, permanent wave, alpha wave, landgrave, heat wave, sound wave, aftershave, new wave, carrier wave, quave, pave, brave, finger wave, seagrave, margrave, enclave, mcclave, skywave, mave, grave, conclave, beta wave, ionospheric wave, shortwave, cave, autoclave, engrave, lefave, thave, electromagnetic wave, microwave, airwave, short wave, theyve, galley slave, newwave, theta wave, shockwave, lafave, dave, drave, starwave, wave, nave, close shave

Words that rhyme with Water: saltwater, slaughter, fitswater, magna mater, plotter, pinkwater, ought ter, brought her, tidewater, schlotter, yachter, straughter, got her, clearwater, hot her, cottar, underwater, manslaughter, lat ter, kotter, floodwater, begot her, forgot her, squatter, got ter, blot her, rotter, whitewater, breakwater, imprimatur, ot er, clotter, bridgewater, shot her, granddaughter, stillwater, boughter, meltwater, river otter, knot her, goter, rethought her, sautter, blotter, backwater, hot er, freshwater, bowater, dot her, tauter, dura mater, got er, fitzwater, spotter, bought her, otter, bywater, knotter, lotter, eurasian otter, notter, trotter, sea otter, stepdaughter, cotter, headwater, cha ter, dotter, wastewater, ot her, jotter, goldwater, lawter, seawater, mahtar, plot her, drinkwater, lot er, alma mater, piotter, deepwater, not her, pia mater, rainwater, vawter, police blotter, mater, caught her, daughter, fought her, pinquater, motter, mccotter, groundwater, hotter, totter, scoter, coldwater, potter, sweetwater
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