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Interesting Facts
People forever enjoyed in the world of gum. Even thousands of year ago people chewed gum in some natural form.. Here are 5 surprising facts about you may not know about chewing gum:
  • Kids in North America spend approximately half a billion dollars on bubble gum every year.
  • The largest piece of gum ever was equivalent to 10,000 pieces of chewing gum!
  • 100,000 tons of bubble gum is chewed every year all around the world.
  • Sixty to 70 percent of bubble gum is sugar.
  • Scientists found a 9,000-year- old wad of chewing gum in Sweden.
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Quotes on Bubble Gum
Quotes about chewing gum:

  • "The Brain is a chewed gum." -Deyth Banger
  • "I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum." -Roddy Piper
  • "Beethoven can't really be great because his picture isn't on a bubble gum card." -Charles M. Schulz
  • "I don't eat bubble gum, but I like the smell." -Karl Lagerfeld
  • "Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don't swallow it." -Hank Ketcham

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