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The Telegraph Slogan Ideas

The Telegraph Slogans

The Telegraph is an iconic British newspaper that has been in circulation since the mid 19th century. At the turn of the century, the newspaper began producing slogans to serve as an informative, yet catchy summary of the newspaper's values and content, as a way to differentiate it from the competition. These slogans are still recognizable today and bring to mind the iconic image of The Telegraph. The most famous of these is "The Independent and Impartial Newspaper", which was used for over 50 years and conveys The Telegraph's commitment to unbiased reporting. Another popular slogan was "The Newspaper of the People", harkening back to the long-held belief that The Telegraph was the newspaper of record in the United Kingdom. The Telegraph has once again begun creating new slogans, the most recent of which is "The facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts", once again aiming to emphasize their commitment to unbiased, factual reporting.

1. Satisfaction Through Telegraphy

2. Make Telegraphy Your Top Priority

3. The Telegraph of Choice

4. The Telegraph of the Future

5. Telegaps: Keep the Distance Closer

6. Telegraphy: The Oldest and Most Effective Way to Send Messages

7. The Telegraph: It Will Get There Faster

8. Connect Across Continents With Telegraphy

9. Telegraphy: Get It Where You Need It

10. Telegraphy: Reach Further and Faster

11. Move Mountains with Telegraphy

12. Take Telegraphy to the Next Level

13. Come Together Through Telegraphy

14. Put Your News on the Telegraphic Express

15. Get Your Message Across Instantly with Telegraphy

16. Get There in a Snap with Telegraphy

17. Send Chatter with Telegraphy

18. Telegraphy: In a Word, Expressions

19. Deliver words that Endure with Telegraphy

20. Transferring over Telegraphy - Quick and Easy

21. Express yourself with Telegraphy

22. The Golden Age of Telegraphy

23. Technology Redefined: Telegraphy

24. Make Waves with Telegraphy

25. Radical Results Through Telegraphy

26. Refining Technology with Telegraphy

27. Feel the Speed of Telegraphy

28. Talk the Talk with Telegraphy

29. Tap into Telegraphy

30. Connect Faster Through Telegraphy

31. Mental Telegraphy: The Power of Communication

32. Breaking the Barrier with Telegraphy

33. Telegraphy: Rapid Response

34. Let Your Words Fly With Telegraphy

35. Telegraphy: Going the Distance

36. The Clarity of Telegraphy

37. Let the Telegraph Reach Far and Wide

38. Make a Statement with Telegraphy

39. Making Connections Across Borders Through Telegraphy

40. Broadcast Your Message with Telegraphy

41. Send It Fast and Clear with Telegraphy

42. Build Bridges of Conversation with Telegraphy

43. Leave Your Mark with Telegraphy

44. Make Your Words Heard with Telegraphy

45. Get the Word Out with Telegraphy

46. Reaching Every Corner of the Globe Through Telegraphy

47. Cross Borders with Telegraphy Easily

48. Limitless Reach with Telegraphy

49. Reach Unimaginable Lengths with Telegraphy

50. Experience the Power of Telegraphy

Coming up with slogan for The Telegraph can be a creative and rewarding experience. To ensure that your slogan resonates with your target audience, key words should be identified, such as "news," "trust," "connections," "insight," "current" and "trustworthy." Once these keywords are identified, you can brainstorm potential taglines and slogans that provide a call to action and interact with the audience. Since The Telegraph was founded in 1855 and covers national, international and local news, try to incorporate these elements into the slogan and how it connects to the current state of the world. Your final slogan should be concise, memorable and impactful with the key idea of staying informed.

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The Telegraph Nouns

Gather ideas using the telegraph nouns to create a more catchy and original slogan.

Telegraph nouns: telegraphy, setup, apparatus

The Telegraph Verbs

Be creative and incorporate the telegraph verbs into your tagline to have more of an impact.

Telegraph verbs: wire, telecommunicate, cable

The Telegraph Rhymes

Slogans that rhyme with the telegraph are easier to remember and grabs the attention of users. Challenge yourself to create your own rhyming slogan.

Words that rhyme with Telegraph: calf, golden calf, gaf, autograph, longstaff, yaffe, pinkstaff, haff, riffraff, raf, sir john falstaff, service staff, laff, last half, bickerstaff, raphe, laugh, sielaff, falstaff, schaff, staff, draff, hectograph, metcalf, behalf, rhaphe, hackstaff, second half, paragraph, fraph, graf, spectrograph, understaff, paff, intergraph, maintenance staff, assaf, carafe, phonograph, belly laugh, time and a half, grandstaff, flagstaff, x-ray photograph, msafp, general staff, grindstaff, security staff, epitaph, graph, office staff, unitaf, first half, chaff, sclaff, graef, skaff, overstaff, mass spectrograph, box calf, raff, graefe, pendergraph, bar graph, half, pfaff, taff, scaff, wagstaff, sales staff, photograph, gaff, braff, shaff, giraffe, monograph, polygraph, graff, allograph, taffe, sound spectrograph, reprograph, research staff, naff, headquarters staff, graeff, choreograph, mimeograph, staph, lithograph, biggerstaff, gaffe, chief of staff, echograph
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